by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:36 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:31 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by AntonyWells
Apr 30, 2009
3:02 AM

Massive changes. FTW! :) Also lots of cool side techs integerated, most interesting of which is a neural network library wrote by someone else. Also included so far is a single helper class. all neural network powered helper classes are prefixed by pNh_ so the only one atm is pNh_PointInRect - does all the learning in the constructor(see console for debug info) - and you use the straight forward PointInRect(x,y,rx,ry,rw,rh) to use the trained network to perform the test. Is it perfect? I'd be lying if I said I knew, I havn't tested it yet. but I did similar tests in a programming language called blitzmax, and it worked fine. But this was with my own neural network lib. if this one doesn't work out, I'll simply port my one.

by AntonyWells
Apr 3, 2009
10:12 PM

Changes, lots of em. Mainly I've decided to ditch the windows form based editor. it was fun but I couldn't get shaders working within a gl context within a form. If anyone here can, email me at . Your help will be welcome. it may make a windows based editor possible again :)

by AntonyWells
Apr 2, 2009
2:02 AM

Lots of changes, newest edition is the start of PocketStudio - a world editor/content browser/all in one studio to create and maitain content for your pocket engine games/apps. Also new is PocketGLControl - a engine control that will eventually grow to let you easily add pocketengine displays to any part of a standards windows form. neat? Also added is another new project, StarlightUI - basically a net control library for controls i'll be developing to use in pocketstudio. one control so far, PrettyPanel. a smooth gradient panel where you can select the top and bottom colors in the properties editor. also has a text being drawn, but despite it showing up in vc designer, it doesn't in the actual app. will try to fix soon. but it's not vital, the actual control renders fine.

by AntonyWells
Apr 1, 2009
6:39 PM

Improved zip functionality, fixing password support in the process.

Added, pEngine.CreatePrefab(string bigImagePath,int tileWidth,int tileHeight)

this loads any huge image(Only into system ram so can be non-pow2) and then decomposes it into a set of (tileWidth,tileHeight) size tiles, then saves it all info a compressed zip with a prefab extension. you can view it's contents in winrar but you can no textract it without the password. default password is "EngineResource" but you can change it to something private for your commercial products done using this engine.

Next, prefab loading.

After that is working, I will begin work on the toolchain. First step? Gui lib * Map Editor(I will develop them side by side)

Good coding. :)

by AntonyWells
Mar 31, 2009
9:44 PM

This commit adds a cunning speech sub class to pEngine, allowing you to both synthesis speech, and construct complex grammars(VERY easily) for recognition. Features a build in speech processor, the pSP_System class, but you can add your own with pEngine.AddSpeechProcessor(pSpeechProcessor sp)
Overload the base pSpeechProcessor class, and overide it's UserSaid() method. it works well. but be sure to run the training agents for microsoft sapi. it requires no externals other than that, which is only cos it is what microsoft.speech uses internally. it should be build in to both windows xp and vista.

by AntonyWells
Mar 31, 2009
5:15 PM

New version adds full farseer physics(Bleeding edge version) intergeration. right down into the core of the engine.
check out the pBody and pGeom(And their subclasses) for more information.
Particles can now be simulated by farseer including full collision/reaction to map geo

by AntonyWells
Mar 31, 2009
3:43 AM

Added an extendable particle system. Access it via PocketEngine.pEngine.Particles and PocketEngine.Particles
Particles are pixel shaded, and can also cast real light sources with shadows. set pParticle.CastLight to true. it's off by default. note, each particle acts as a real light source, so be liberal.

by AntonyWells
Mar 30, 2009
10:38 PM

First commit, has been in production for a little while. Already features some nice eye candy such as normal mapping, diffuse mapping, speculairity mapping, diffuse lighting, specular lighting, and more. all for 2d images/maps!

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